We have put together a selection of some commonly posed questions. Below is a taste, for the full set download the PDF.  Hopefully this should answer most of your immidiate questions.

Do you have to be studying at the University of Adelaide to row for AUBC?

No. Anyone can row and compete for AUBC. However, if you want to compete for us at the Australian University Games you will need to be a student at Adelaide University during the semester that the event falls in. If you are not a student at Adelaide Univeristy speak to someone at the club about other ways to still be eligible to compete at uni games.


What rowing squads exist at the AUBC?

For people who have never rowed before or have only done a little there is a 8-week ‘New Recruits’ program twice a year (refer to the New Recruits or Learn to Row page on the site). Anyone with prior rowing experience will be invited to join the Senior Squad which is further broken down into three groups, dependent on ability, performance and personal goals of the athlete. The 'Performance Group' is for the top athletes, all of whom are wishing to go out for state selection and some of whom are nominating for the national team. The 'Development Group' is aimed at younger athletes with similar long term ambitions. The third group is of 'Club Rowers' who are more interested in the social side of rowing and also acts as the next step for our New Recruit Rowers to move on to. All groups will have opportunity to row and race during the summer regatta season. Your group will be determined during discussion with our coaches and can change depending on performance level, improvement etc.