AUBC athletes enjoy more coaching staff than any other club. Our current Club Coaches are below.

AUBC Head Coach/Senior Heavyweight Men and Women - Brenton Terrell

Originally from South Australia, Brenton has enjoyed life-long success in the sport of rowing. As an athlete Brenton is one of the few scullers from South Australia to have won the prestigious Presidents Cup, in addition to competing at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and Commonwealth Games in 1986, where he won a silver medal.

 Following his retirement from competitive rowing, Brenton has continued this success as a coach, through the coaching of numerous medal-winning crews at the Australian National, World U23 and Junior Championships.

 A long-term friend of AUBC, he brings with him a high degree of passion and experience and will be commencing with the Club in mid June 2015. We are incredibly pleased to welcome him on board.

Brenton is the only full time head coach in SA and all of his time goes into developing AUBC athletes, as he does not have to juggle mutliple club/school responsibilities.


Senior Heavyweight Men - Fearnley Szuster

Fearnley has been involved with AUBC for decades and is passionate about developing the club further still. Current Senior Coach at Pultney Grammar School, Fearnley was an avid AUBC rower back in his day. Fearnley joins Brenton as the heavyweight men's coach with years of local and State Team coaching experience.


Senior Lightweight Men - Daren Potts

A long term presence at AUBC, Daren was responsible for coaching the AUBC women’s squad in 2014 and 2015 to great success. Daren coached the SA YW8+ to a bronze medal at the 2015 Interstate Regatta and continues to provide great service to the club on and off the water. Daren is also the Head of Rowing at Pembroke School.


Senior Lightweight Women - Brynley Millward

Brynley also brings experience as a state team coach as well as enthusiasm, a healthy sense of humour and a knowledable coaching background. Brynley is excellent at developing young and relatively new athletes and helping them gain the necessary skills to progress quickly through the senior ranks.


Row4Gold/Youth and Development - Phil Blesing

Phil is our current Youth and Development coach. Phil is currently coaching the Row4Gold athletes, a SASI program which identifies potential long term talent in rowing. Phil brings a freidnly manner, great technical expertise, and years of experience in developing school age/youth athletes at AUBC, an area the Club aims to invest heavily in.


School Winter Program: Patrick Ey, Georgie Litt, Hugo Langsford, Carrie Tucker, Peta Terrell and Susannah Michell.

Senior Club members balance their own athletic careers with helping developing younger athletes looking to improve on their school rowing through the winter.
All enjoy rowing and coaching at various schools through the summer racing season, bringing together a huge pool of knowledge to share with school rowers in the Winter School Program. 

New Recruit/O-Week Program - David Frigaard, Vanessa Rech

David and Vanessa both began their rowing careers in the annual new recruit program - and look at them now! Both have enjoyed success racing with the Club at the senior level, and their friendly and instructive nature makes them ideal beginner coaches.