Captain's Update 9th December 2013

Good Morning Blacks! 

With Head of The Yarra on the first weekend of the month and Berri - Renmark on the weekend just gone, so far December has been a hectic month for AUBC. That being said, everything has run smoothly and our efforts have not been without success. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in recently, its great to see an attitude change moving through the club with more people stepping forward to help than ever before, you all know who you are and you have my thanks.

Renmark Regatta

As I mentioned above the past weekend saw thirty plus members of the competitive and intermediate squad travel to Renmark to compete in the annual Regatta. In my opinion the weekend was a massive success, with some.. surprisingly good performances... on and off the water. 

Some highlights from Saturdays racing include;

- Respectable performances from Rhiannon Hughes and Kate Highfield in the 1st Grade Women's Single and taking first place the first grade Women's Double.

- Freddy Smyth pushing ahead of the pack to take out the 1st Grade Men's Single.



- The crew of Jimmy Virgin, Nic Hay, Lachy Ward and Jed Nicole wiping the floor with ARC in the coxless 4. This race also saw the AUBC Lighty four have a good hit out finishing in a respectable third.

- New Recruit turned intermediate Joanna Simon winning her first medal in the 3rd Grade Women's Coxed four along with Georgie Litt, Holly Rawson, Vanessa Rech and Sarah Matkovic.

- The six intermediate guys racing the mens single scull for the first time and avoiding crashing into the trees.

- An understrength AUBC first grade men's eight getting up on a close to full strength ARC crew. We came out slowly but hit a nice rhythm early on taking about a length through the middle of the race. ARC came home strong in the inside lane but we held on to win by half a length in a time of 5:48.5. Certainly the fastest this skinny little lightweight has ever gone over 2km! Well done to the crew of Aleco Lanfranco, Jed Nicole, Lachy Ward, Nic Hay, James Virgin, Falcon Richard-t, Freddy Smyth, Jack Alchswager and Long John Silvers. With a number of big guns to come back into our crew it certainly bodes well for 1st Grade State Champs.
In typical AUBC fashion the saturday night saw some festivities take place at the accommodation. Big thanks to maintenance man Jack Alchswager for sorting out the keg and miracle box, its a winning combination. Following Saturday night Sunday saw some sleep deprived and hungover racing take place, highlights included:

- Jack Alchswager finishing the men's pair race without emptying the contents of the stomach into the Murray.

- Kate Highfield taking out the 2nd grade women's single scull.

- Respectable performances by the intermediates in the mens coxed fours doing coach Ron Mobbs proud.

- The AUBC club eight having a good hit out in the second grade men's eight rowing a strong 2km piece to take out the revered 95 year old Renmark Hotel Shield for the division. This race also saw the intermediate eight get up on a couple of school crews in a respectable effort.

Great work again to everyone who came along and helped make the weekend a positive experience for all. Special thanks must go to; John Bentley for aiding us with boat transport, Kate Highfield for sorting out the food for saturday night, Sean Leyland for his impeccable planning abilities,  Constable Cam Beasley for being ever helpful and supporting me, Henry Newland for letting us borrow the "Doc Mobile," to tow the boats and the intermediate squad for their enthusiasm and willingness to lend a hand.