Captain's Update 7th October 2013

Dear Blacks, apologies it has been so long since my last update. I hope you're all well and as excited for the coming season as I am.

Once again here is a short update of the recent happenings around AUBC!

IV Break Down

Fingers crossed that some of you were able to keep an eye on the club's facebook page throughout IV, if you weren't able to do so included below is a short summary of the final day's racing written by Vanessa Rech. As was to be expected the weather was certainly a major hurdle to overcome, but from the sounds of things it didn't stop everyone from enjoying themselves and from some good racing. 

"At the end of a rather odd week here in the Rat, everyone was keen to get out in some warmer weather, race finals and enjoy the aftermath, but before we start reading out the nominations, here are the FINAL DAY RESULTS:

- the M2- had an unfortunate incident with the foot chocks in the first 100m of their race, but rallied and did well in the conditions taking out 2nd place behind Sydney uni.

- in the LW1x, Anna Collins performed well against some tough competition, finishing with the front pack and coming 5th in her A final.

- after a disappointing day yesterday, the W2x came to the course with something to prove and did so by smashing their B final with over 100m of clear water between them and their closest challenger.
- after storming home to take first in their rep yesterday, the M4+ were pumped to perform in their A final and delivered the goods, taking bronze behind crews featuring AUS reps!

- the LM1x finished strongly in sixth position, performing well in the otherwise undesirable conditions.

- the M8+ knew they'd be up against tough competition in the final and fought hard through the rough conditions (like any black would!) and took home the silver behind a strong Sydney crew.

Well done to all crews throughout the week (including the AUBC athletes competing for UniSA!). The weather was less than desirable and some things didn't go our way, but we all pulled hard and came out with a successful week in all, along with plenty of valuable racing experience.

Unfortunately this year between injuries and sickness we weren't able to get the results we were hoping for or even get the boats we wanted there! Alas, Im sure we will make up for it throughout the season and at nationals and there is always next year!
AUBC Quiz Night

I'd like to personally thank everyone who helped make our first quiz night such a great success. Though the final figures are yet to come in, with almost 110 attendees we were definitely able to raise a considerable amount of money to put towards new equipment and training resources. With the success of this event in addition to the recent donation of the Patrick Maddern, 2013 has truly raised the bar in terms of fundraising for our club! Well done blacks!

AUBC Uniform

From my previous emails and the FB page hopefully most of you are aware of the new uniform supplier. With this new system, anyone can order any piece of uniform, online at any time.
Get online and grab some fresh new kit!

In addition to this the cycling kits have been ordered and should arrive before christmas!

West Lakes Shed

In the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to acquire some "new" wheel out racks for the West Lakes shed, one of which has just been refurbished. I ask that all members take great care when wheeling these out in the mornings to ensure that nothing is damaged in the process. Whilst some of the equipment is getting older its imperative that we take great care of everything!

State Team Coaches

Congratulations to Henry Newland, Sean Leyland and Amber Halliday who have all been announced as state team coaches for 2014. The next step is getting some athletes to fill the crews!