Captain's Update 20th May 2013


It is with great pride that I sit here piecing together my first email to you as captain for 2013 - 2014, there are (literally) some very big shoes to fill but I feel I am up for the challange. The coming year holds huge potential and many unknowns as we continue our period of development and cement our position as top rowing club in the state.

The following email contains a bit of an update in terms of recent and future club activity...

The 2013 - 2014 AUBC Committee

First off I would like to announce and congratulate the committee selected at last Sunday's AGM. The members are as follows:

President - Alistair Walsh

Captain - Hugo Burgin

Men's VC - Charlie Bruce

Women's VC - Suzannah Michell

Treasurer - Freddy Smyth

Assistant Treasurer - Lachy Ward

Secretary - Jed Nicole

Assistant Secretary - Patrick Ey

General Committee

Matthew Bolt

Tom Cocks

Peta White

Jess Molsher-Jones

Vanessa Rech

Jack Altschwager



Brian Richardson

Head Coach Incoming!

Secondly Im pleased to announce that after several months of dithering around with immigration our Head Coach Sean Leyland will finally arrive in Adelaide on Sunday (tomorrow) Morning. Sean brings with him considerable enthusiasm for the role and experience from Canada, USA, UK and Australia and though its taken a little longer than planned for us to get him here there is little doubt of the effect it will have on the club. Look out for him around AUBC next week!

Trans - Tasman Racing Series

Due largely to our success at the 2012 University Games, the Boat Club has once again elected to host the Trans Tasman Racing Series, the premier event for University Rowing in Australia. The series will take place during the first week of July and consists of three head to head races between the top university crews from both Australia and New Zealand.  In addition to hosting the regatta, a number of AUBC athletes will be representing the country in the Coxed Men’s Eight. 

Two of the races, on the 1st and 2nd July, will take place at the West Lakes Regatta Course.  The racing is certain to be of a high standard and if you are able to attend at any time on those days, I highly encourage you! Also if you feel you may be able to lend a hand either as an official, boat holder or in any way please contact me ASAP.

AUBC Online

In an effort to simplify communication between members of the Men's and Women's squads Facebook groups have been created.  In my opinion it will make communication faster and simpler especially for the younger more active members. Please contact either Suzannah or Charlie to be added to the group on facebook or to sort out an alternative if you are not "online".

In addition to Facebook during the coming year the club website will be updated on a much more regular basis. It is a top notch, well structured website that even Snips could navigate after a few "light beers," and one that we have not utilised fully in the past.

The website contains (or will soon contain): Recent news and updates concerning all things AUBC, rowing programs and timetables for all squads, announcements from the committee, coaches and squad leaders, membership details, contact details and much more.

Why not check it out now?


School Kids at AUBC?

In the last few weeks you may have noticed a large increase in the amount of pre pubescent faces loitering throughout the Boat Shed. As part of our drive to increase membership and acquire the best upcoming rowers we are running the School Students Winter Program or SSWP. The program will run for eight weeks and is directed towards rowers still at school, aiming to expose them to rowing at a higher level and our fantastic club.

The main periods of Boat Shed use by the students will be Tuesday mornings and afternoons as well as Thursday afternoons. Though the presence of younger people in the shed may mean covering up and drying off before exiting the shower and watching your language from time to time, it won't last forever. Please make them feel welcome!

Black Down!

Lastly it is with great disappointment I announce that Renee Chatterton, recently picked in the Australian Open Women's eight for the upcoming world cup has suffered a fractured sacrum in a recent bicycle vs car incident. Our condolences Renee, we wish you a speedy recovery! Be careful out there Blacks!



Thats it for now, apologies for the length of this email and my poor grammar! Please feel free to contact either myself or any members of the new committee with questions or ideas you may have for AUBC in the coming year. Go Blacks!


Hugo Burgin