IV Black Out!!!!

{gallery}news:::1{/gallery}Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus!!! AUBC has come out the back end of IV 2012 with its best result ever. After taking home 3 Golds, 4 Silvers and a Bronze team Adelaide University has managed to win the Men's Overall, come second in the Women's Overall and Win the All-around overall trophy! Not since the great battle for Mesopotamia between the Parthians and Romans has civilisation seen such an epic Victory. Race of the day was the Men's VIII who reclaimed the Oxford and Cambridge Cup to make it 3 wins from 4 years.

Not only did AUBC open up proceedings with the a victory against UWABC in the IV dinner "Boat Race" but AUBC also managed to scare of SUBC from competing in the men's VIII final such was the strength of their commanding 22 second win in the heat. It has been rumoured that they scratched as three members had to have dental reconstructive surgery due to the extent of their teeth chattering in fear, however these are currently unsubstantiated claims, likely true though.

In the Final of the Men's VIII James McRae could be heard entering into a oral contract to join AUBC this season for domestic racing as they took their second length of clear water, he will be held to this. Matt Bolt was seen to smile for a brief moment, however he later claimed it was a muscle spasm, which in his defence is more likely than him expressing feelings of joy. Coach, John Bentley was  seen hiding in hedges close to the start line, strangely enough he could not find a hedge quite big enough to fully obscure his frame. There are 2 theories to why he was doing this 1 - to try and avoid a yellow card for following the race on a bike, 2 - to hide from Freddy's Dad in the aftermath of the comment that Alan Jones would balk at!

Peta White won the Women's single sculls in conditions more suited to kite surfing. This is the first time this has been done in the Club's history,  so well done Peta!

Georgie Mills won the race for Second position in the Women's lighty single. Aussie Rep, Alice McNamara, had the field easily covered for the win but Georgie provided the home crowd with a strong performance to place second. James McRae was actually so impressed that he signed her breast later that evening at the Boatshed.....lucky Georgie! 

Women's VIII provided a great result finishing second. The girls managed to force the scratching from MUBC clearing the way for the best result from a women's VIII in years. Things are looking good for the season ahead, you might even get Walford behind you.  

The Women's coxed IV were surprise performers finishing with a bronze. With many in this crew taking up the sport this season through the "new recruits" program, it was fantastic to see these girls get some medals around their necks. Well done to Amber Halliday for doing great work coaching and motivating the girls this campaign.

Men's Lighty IV were the most disappointing result for the day. After winning their race for lanes on Wednesday in convincing fashion the lighties could not capitalise on a good start and struggled with steering in the very tricky cross wind conditions. After coming to an effective stand still on 2 occasions to avoid a collision with UWA the crew ended up going down by 1 length. The crew was coached by Henry Newland and assisted by Patrick Maddern. Apparently, Patrick is still yet to look at them, let alone speak to them.

The mixed 4 won the Gold on Thursday in convincing style beating UniSAs mixed VIII time! James said that at one stage he actually had to pick his leg pressure up from 35% to 40%. 

The Mixed 8 hurtled down the track to claim a silver medal, unfortunately they were well behind the Melb Uni VIII. 

Tribunal at the Boat Shed was at its beer swilling finest! Highlights include: 

Pagey showed that he had no oesophagus pouring a beer down his throat faster than any man ever, Jack Culbertson rallied from racing to provide some not-so-welcome advice to Jo Malcolm, Georgie Parletta was victimised for 2 big assets out of her control, Matt still was unable to smile, Tyler O'Brien claimed discrimination in not being forced to drink, Charlie Bruce was in the corner doing his 15yo girlfriend's homework....poorly, Freddy was loving being not-white. 

Later that night AUBC was introduced to naked beer floor sliding by members of the UWA Boat Club....I feel it is not the last we have seen of this......move over TV wrestling!!!