2012 Annual General Meeting

{gallery}Latest_News/2012_AGM:::1{/gallery}On Sunday 29 April, the Adelaide University Boat Club held its 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Mike Jeffries, Club President for the last 5 years, stepped down to widespread praise. He was one of 8 committee members from 2011-12 who are leaving.

Moving forwards, the Club is proud to present the committee for 2012-13, who offer great promise for the season ahead.

President                             Alister Walsh
Captain                               Matt Bolt
Womens Vice Captain        Jo Malcolm
Mens Vice Captain             Hugo Burgin
Secretary                            Jed Nicolle
Assistant Secretary            Elaine Warnecke
Treasurer                            Lachlan Ward
Assistant Treasurer            Freddy Smyth
General committee            Charlie Bruce
General committee            Tom Cocks
General committee            Tim Mower
General committee            Henry Warnecke
General committee            Peta White
General committee            Ellie Thorne