Annual dinner goes off

The Adelaide University Boat Club annual dinner was held this weekend, on the evening of Saturday 16th April 2011, and proved to be one of the best in collective memory...

Held variously on the banks of the Torrens River, on Pop-Eye II & III, on the first floor of the Barr Smith boatshed, and its rafter, the event saw over 90 revellers celebrate a period of superb growth and success for the Club.

We were honored by the presence of distinguished guests Mike Daws and Mrs Daws, the former being the CEO of the Adelaide University Sport Association, and Mike Page and Mrs Page, the former being long time Black, 1974 Oxford Cambridge Cup winner and owner of the best moustache below the Equator.

Prizes were awarded for the year past, and went to:

SFW Award
- Jono Hersey -

Captain's Trophy
- Michael Shannon -

Howell Trophy for Racing Success
- Chris Morgan -

Martin Trophy for Spirited & Successful Youth Rower
- Lachlan Ward -

The Club also paid tribute to Captain Patrick Maddern, which concluded the formalities, before the business of boat racing began.

What a night!

Were you there?