AUBC dominate first grades*

The Blacks enjoyed tremendous success* on the weekend, at the South Australian First Grade State Championships, held on the newly upgraded course at West Lakes.


Full results below...

In a succession of victories reminiscent of 2007, Adelaide University Boat Club won 12 of the 20 Championship events. The highlight had to be Chris Morgan creating history in his clean sweep of all sculling events, following on from identical domination at the recent NSW state champs.

The lowlight was AUBC coming 2nd to ARC in both the mens and womens eights. Both AUBC crews raced well, and we applaud the ARC for their performances.

Never ones to wallow in misery, the Club retired en masse to the Game residence, for a rip snorter of an afternoon of festivities. Meat, beverages and a bit of salad proved good sustenance for backyard cricket, tug of war, boat races, and Tom Game's patented team frisbee challenge. Thankyou to the Games for having us again.

Now, back to training.


First Grade events

1M1x : GOLD

Chris Morgan

1M2x : GOLD

Chris Morgan, Matt Bolt

1M4x : GOLD

Matt Bolt, Christian Newland, Ned Kinnear, Chris Morgan

1W1x : 2nd

Renee Chatterton

Winner: ARC

1W2x : GOLD

Peta White, Renee Chatterton

1W4x : GOLD

Alex Daniel, Jess Molsher Jones, Renee Chatterton, Peta White

1M2- : No AUBC entry

Winner: ARC

1M4+ : GOLD

Lachlan Ward, Ned Kinnear, Michael Shannon, Patrick Maddern, Tom Game cox

1M4- : GOLD

Patrick Maddern, Ned Kinnear, Michael Shannon, Nick Andrew

1M8+ : 2nd

Kai Ward, Lachlan Ward, Patrick Maddern, Matt Bolt, Michael Shannon, Ned Kinnear, Chris Morgan, Nick Andrew, Tom Game cox and 4th

Tom Cocks, Hugo Burgin, Christian Newland, Falco Richardt, Andy Thompson, Ollie Sainsbury, Jono Hersey, Ali McMichael, Declan Price cox

Winner: ARC

1W2- : No AUBC entry

Winner: ARC

1W4- : GOLD

Peta White, Jess Molsher Jones, Teagan Russell, Georgie Mills

1W8+ : 2nd

Abigail Townsend, Alex Daniel, Sarah Robson, Teagan Russell, Georgie Mills, Jess Molsher Jons, Renee Chatterton, Peta White, Susanna Kennett Lister cox

Championship events


Kai Ward

OLW1x : 2nd

Alex Daniel & 3rd

Georgie Mills,

Winner: TRC

OLM2- : 2nd

Cameron Beasley & Richard Astley

OLM2x : 3rd

Patrick Ey, Kai Ward

Winner: MBRC


Georgie Mills, Alex Daniel & 2nd

Sarah Robson, Abigail Townsend


Sarah Robson, Abigail Townsend, Caroline Auricht, Alex Daniel

OLM4x : 3rd

Patrick Ey, Richard Astley, Cameron Beasley, Kai Ward


Cameron Beasley, Patrick Ey, Richard Astley, Kai Ward